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Life According To Me

 Life as I have come to know it

 Is Filled with many up & downs:

Highs & lows; 

Comings & Goings;

 Laughter  & Tears;

Happiness & sadness;

 Rewards & Penalties

for each choice made along the way.

Those who experience

the Yin at the beginning

 tend to experience

the Yang at the end & vice versa.

 Then somewhere along the road even balance

if anything has been learned at all.

You would think it would be easy to recognize

 the difference between the slaps

when we've made a poor choice

 and the gifts we receive for the good ones. 

 Yet, sometimes we are just to into it

to be able to see clearly at all.

It is at these times...

 If only the gift of hindsight

could be exchanged for the gift of foresight

 life would be so simple...

 maybe too simple to  be life lived at all.

Taken from my first book... Art from the Heart Adventures.

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Copyright 2010 Carolyn Shannon

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