All Heartworks Created Using Art from the Heart Adventure Technique:

An Art from the Heart Adventure is a Journey YOU Take with YOUR Heart & Soul. The Heartworks YOU Create Represent Photographs YOU Take Along the Way That Reflect YOU & YOUR Adventure

Writings & Heartworks Dedicated to My Cat Sammy - Pure True Love 


     The second male I ever truly loved was buried today.   The pain of this loss was strangely less than I expected. Perhaps because I had time to grieve before he left. Or maybe it was because I was with him to the very end and I felt he knew how deeply I loved him. Perhaps it was because for the very first time I felt truly loved unconditionally.  Read More...


Sadness Heartwork Shows Sammy Wrapped in Green Towel In Last Hours

 The Sadness Heartwork  Above Shows Sammy Wrapped in Green Towel In Last Hours

 Love & Guilt Heartworks on Left

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Guilt is a large part of the Grief Process

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