Just a few of the Artworks I created once I removed any blocks by using the Art From the Heart Adventure technique to lift off negativity.

(Please note that the quality may not be perfect. Most of this photos were taken before I had a digital camera. I will update so you can see the true vibrancy of the colours as time goes on. Love & Light, Carolyn)

     Flowers by Carolyn

 Abstract Beauties

What Do YOU See?


 Couple Swimming Out to View Sunset


   Interdependent Relationship

Left - Cover of Beyond Reason with the Poem       You Me We


    Kharmic Storytelling

Woman & Man Make Kharmic   Pack to Meet Again in Another Lifetime. She Comes to Him at Lilydale Stump. He comes to her   In her Backyard. She Sends him I Messages from His Dad. His Angels Bring His Dad to visit.

Grandmas Moses Anyone?


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