Here I Am

Everywhere you I am.

Even when you blink....I’m here again.

I’m everywhere you go...

In everyone you see...

In everything you touch...

I will always Be...

A part or You and ALL...

Earth’s creatures....large and small.

Even when...You look the other way

I won’t leave....I am here to stay.

Nothing you can say....

Nothing you can do....

Will ever convince me

To abandon You.

I’ll play as large a role

As You allow Me to;

Behind the scenes...

up front...I leave it up to You.

My Love has no strings of any kind.

I send You Inner guidance

 even when You remain blind.

I’ve no expectations that you must meet.

Becoming aware is life’s only true feat.


Everywhere you I am.

Every time you blink...I am here again.

Inspired by "Conversations with God, Book 2"

Received with LOVE and LIGHT from the Divine Thine

Written with Honour By Carolyn Shannon.


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Copyright 2010 Carolyn Shannon

Published by True Emotions Artwork Plus