You, Me, We

You are you

and me, I'm me.

Can we stay this way if we

merge together

to create

a couple for whom

we can celebrate?

I trust in you

and you trust in me.

The time is here to trust that we

can handle each

and every thing

life's sense of humour

deems to bring.

It's up to you

and it's up to me...

how strong our union is to we.

There 'll be laughter

and some tears

and many real and

imagined fears.

So...we solemnly swear that...

I'll talk to you

and you'll talk to me

when crucial moments threaten we.

To maintain balance

in all we share.

To live a life that is

loving and fair.

To you...

To me...

To we.

By Carolyn Shannon

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Copyright 2010 Carolyn Shannon

Published by True Emotions Artwork Plus