Have you ever felt a friendship

Between yourself and a man

Was so touched by love...and honesty

It could probably withstand

Much more closeness

Than you had allowed

For it seemed to float gently

On a huge, white, fluffy cloud.

Perhaps you thought, it could absorb

The shocks other loves could not

So... you threw away all logic for

More closeness...so you thought.

Have you ever seen that friendship

Crumble right before your eyes

All the honesty you once had shared

Now unconscious half truths....lies

The door has closed

On openness.....

What was once expressed freely

Is now left to second guess.

You now sit with him in silence

Where you once could talk and laugh

Where once you found a heartfelt warmth

You feel a chilly draught.

 Unlike the type of friendship

That develops from old love

This one remains unrecaptured.

You are shocked by the sudden loss

Of Friend & nowLover.

You beat yourself up for

Risking all only to discover

 What was already great

Has turned from sunshine to rain.

The bond you once felt with them

Now brings nothing but pain

And you wish you could go back

In time to make it right again.

By Carolyn Shannon


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Copyright 2010 Carolyn Shannon

Published by True Emotions Artwork Plus