No More Blame

I’m free at last from all the chains

I once put on myself while others I blamed

I created the monsters; I gave them full reign

But as of today…I can lay no more blame.


As a child

I blamed my parents

Then the teachers

Then all grown ups

And yes, some gave me just cause.

No one seemed to know what was

Their responsibility


As a teen

I blamed the system

Then Society

Then the whole world

For what it couldn’t give me

For how it “seemed” to treat me



As a wife

I blamed my husband

Then the marriage

Then myself

For conforming when I shouldn’t

For feeling judged when I couldn’t

Take responsibility.


Now…as an Adult

I blame no one

For the hard times

For my problems

For the choices I make today.

For the stumbles I take on the way

And how I deal with them will stay

My responsibility.

Somehow know this sets me free.

By Carolyn Shannon

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Copyright 2010 Carolyn Shannon

Published by True Emotions Artwork Plus