Never worry.....never fear...

For All heals hopelessness from here.

Fear has no power.....has no strength....

Has no ability to go great lengths.

Fear has no life...of its own.

It has to have your permission to roam.

Need to let fear know...

Its time is ending...

And that in its place...

It is love you’re sending.

With love as your armour...for evermore...

There won’t be a need to have fear at your door.

Give it up...give it up...throw it away!!!

Replace it with the knowing, healing love of today.

Each day that comes your way...

Is a day worth living in this love-

filled way.

In every leading of everyday...

Keep all those old fears well at bay.

You need only decide it is true...

Then fear can no longer stay a part

 of you.

Feel it....face it....then let it go!!!

Then, in it’s place feel the love a flow.

Need only to let go of all doubt...

To experience what life’s really ALL about.

Received from All for All for Evermore

Brought to you from All by Carolyn Shannon

February 21, 2000


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Copyright 2010 Carolyn Shannon

Published by True Emotions Artwork Plus