Lets my mind run free

Yet keeps my heart safe

And feels so good to me.


Promises to be.....

Seems to bring true joy

More than reality.

I noticed you.....years ago

But I kept my thoughts concealed

Even though we’ve talked & laughed since then

My feelings....I never revealed.

Didn’t pursue the long looks

Never returned knowing smiles

Pretended to be so unaware

Absorbed by you all the while.

We floated about this way

Until I was forced to leave

Belonging to someone.... that I felt

Didn’t deserve to be deceived.

If it was to be.....I felt.....

It would resume another day

So off I went....content that we

Would meet again......someday.

Now.....fate has brought me back here

And the instant I returned

I saw your familiar gaze.....and knew

The underlying flame still burned.

So.....this fantasy goes on

With many new ..... almost moments

To treasure when I leave this time

And they become ...... past tense.

By Carolyn Shannon


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Copyright 2010 Carolyn Shannon

Published by True Emotions Artwork Plus